Tooth Whitening

Tooth Whitening

With today’s population it seems we all strive for that perfect smile with cosmetic dental treatments becoming increasingly popular for patients. Of the varies cosmetic treatment available, teeth whitening continues to be the most popular in cosmetic dentistry. Its fast affordable and quick giving you a healthy looking smile you will be proud of.

Redenham Dental in Andover uses two whitening systems Pola whitening and Enlighten treatment.

Enlighten Teeth Whitening

Enlighten teeth whitening treatment is considered one of the most effective advanced teeth whitening systems available. There’s a B1 guarantee for your results which has been evident in 98% of cases. Shade B1 is the whitest naturally occurring shade currently available in the market. We will be happy to guide you through the steps and talk about your results.

There are essentially 4 steps for the process to achieve the Enlighten teeth whitening results that you want. The steps go as follows:

– Step 1: After your initial consultation and we have checked your teeth and gums and are confident your teeth are dentally fit for whitening. The first step of your treatment is for your dentist to take impressions of your teeth in order to make the custom moulds for your mouth.

They’ll be created just for you in the Enlighten laboratory which can take a couple of weeks to create. Once they’re available you can collect them from the practice where we will also guide you on how to use your home treatment kit and answer any questions you may have at this point.

– Step 2: The home whitening kit will require you to fill your moulds with the provided Enlighten whitening gel. These are to be worn overnight for two weeks but after the first week, you’ll expect to switch to the stronger gel to provide the top whitening results. If you feel some form of sensitivity, the Enlighten kit also comes with anti-sensitivity gel.

– Step 3: Once you’ve completed your home kit course, we will advise you to book in for a visit back to the practice for a whitening session performed by your dentist.

– Step 4: You’ll be left to wear the trays for one night every other month.

Pola Whitening treatment, which it is a versatile whitening system that offers at home professional teeth whitening treatment with different ingredients in a variety of strengths, for use with a whitening tray during the day or at night.


This is an at-home whitening kit from Pola which can whiten the teeth in as little as 15 minutes of wear time each day. It also contains fluoride to keep your teeth strong throughout the process. PolaDay is available in five varieties:

Higher concentrations of peroxide will provide faster results. Your dentist will recommend a lower concentration if you are prone to sensitivity.


As the name suggests, PolaNight is a variety of Pola’s at-home whitening technology that patients apply at night-time.

It uses a carbamide peroxide concentration, which is gentler than hydrogen peroxide and, therefore, more suitable for patients with sensitive teeth. According to Pola, 1% of hydrogen peroxide is the equivalent of 3% carbamide peroxide.

Pola Day Tooth whitening is an excellent whitening brand

The treatment process

When you start your treatment you will experience a noticeable difference in your smile:

  • Firstly, we will ask you to visit the practice so we can take impressions of your teeth and build your custom-made trays
  • At your next appointment, we will show you how to fill the trays with the Pola solution and, depending on which treatment you are using, we will advise on how long each tray should be worn
  • This is the best bit, once the treatment has ended, you can visit us so our cosmetic dentist can see how it has worked beautifully for you.

If you have any questions about our teeth whitening treatments, or would like to book a consultation call 01264 771114.

Frequently Asked Questions

Once your desired brightness level is achieved, you likely won’t need to touch-up your smile for at least a year or even longer. This really comes down to your oral care and lifestyle habits. For example, if you smoke or drink a lot of coffee or wine, you may only want to wait six months or so before touching up.

During your normal six-month checkups and cleaning with your dentist, feel free to ask them how your teeth are looking. They can tell you if it’s time for another whitening session.

If you have existing dental problems, like tooth decay, you should take care of these problems before you whiten your teeth. Whitening products are very strong, and if the gel product gets into a cavity, it can seriously damage the tooth as well as lead to a nasty toothache.

No – the entire whitening process is incredibly safe and poses no risk of damage to your teeth at all. This only applies to bleach given by a dentist. There are some nasty chemicals being used by others and these can cause significant damage to your teeth.

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