Smile Design

Smile Design

Is your smile impacting how you feel? At Redenham Dental we have helped so many patients who have felt embarrassed or self-conscious about their smiles. We offer cosmetic treatments we refer to as a ‘smile makeover’ These cosmetic treatments can range from teeth whitening, veneers, dental bonding, and white fillings or teeth straightening.

Smile Design means designing and making any changes that you would like to improve your smile. This would help boost your self-confidence and lifestyle. Smile design can involve filling of gaps left by missing teeth, improving the shape and size of your teeth or changing the position of your teeth and improving the appearance of your teeth. Sometimes the changes can be subtle but can have a profound effect on the appearance and function of the teeth.

There are many cosmetic dentistry procedures that we can use including teeth whitening, dental veneers, dental crowns, composite bonding and dental implants, among others. Smile Design takes into account more than just your teeth. We take a look at the aesthetics of your entire face and design a smile that brings out the best of You.

We use the latest digital smile design software program to ensure fast treatment planning and promise efficient communication between patient and dentist so you can vocalise your needs and desires.

The 4 step digital smile design process

Take digital images and scan

We use a variety of equipment to take digital images of your teeth and gums including digital cameras and intra-oral scanners.

Analyse and plan

We talk to you about any changes you’d like to make with your smile and any appropriate treatment options you could consider. See more information.

Planning your smile

We can manipulate the position, shape, and dimensions of each tooth individually to create the smile you want. We can design your digital mock-up smile within a few minutes

We help you choose your desired tooth colour.

We will design a smile that looks natural while also considering function and health.

Present Your new smile

We can show you yours before and after comparison of a variety of treatments immediately on-screen or by using temporary material using a putty template.

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Finance available

Our practice offers a finance option for all specialists and extensive courses of treatment. Interest-free options are available between 6 and 12 months. For more information, click below or call us on 01264 771114.

Smile Assessment

Trial Smile

Final Smile!

If only a few teeth are involved, then a quick chairside mock-up with resin can be done in a few mins.

Smile Assessment

Smile After A Quick Mock-Up

Frequently Asked Questions

The length of a smile makeover depends on the severity of the problems being addressed. For example, some patients might only need treatments that can be performed during a single visit to the dentist, while others might need to come in multiple times for treatment.

Virtually any dental problem can be fixed nowadays. Issues like broken, chipped, discoloured or knocked-out teeth can be quickly addressed by a dentist. Regardless of how bad the condition of a person’s teeth is, a cosmetic dentist can make them red-carpet worthy.

Dentists use a wide range of cosmetic and restorative dental procedures to perform a complete smile makeover. Some of these treatments include:

  1. Teethe Whitening
  2. Bonding  
  3. Veneers 
  4. Crowns
  5. Dental implants 

A cosmetic dentist performs different cosmetic and restorative dental procedures to remove aesthetic facial flaws while ensuring optimal oral health. Cosmetic dentists are trained to identify cosmetic facial defects and remove them to give you a picture-perfect, dazzling smile. 

Your cosmetic dentist can reshape your teeth in any way you like. If you’re not happy with the shape of your teeth, your cosmetic dentist will perform a cosmetic tooth reshaping procedure. 

In this procedure, they will re-contour your teeth to remove aesthetic flaws and, if necessary, resize your teeth to match your facial profile. Tooth re-contouring is also helpful in cases when one or more teeth excessively larger or smaller than the rest.