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Frequently Asked Questions​

It’s a technique for moving your teeth that is usually done over a few weeks. It works by slowly moving your teeth through a carefully planned sequence of movements over time. After each aligner, you’ll advance to the next one, working your way through the complete set.

When compared to more traditional brace systems, aligners are considerably less obvious and almost unnoticeable when worn. Because you can remove the aligners as often as needed, you may eat whatever you want while receiving treatment, which is much easier to maintain clean your teeth. Fixed braces do not allow for the same level of flexibility. The number and length of visits required over your treatment journey are a lot less compared to a fixed brace system, which needs frequent adjustment, so it can fit in around your lifestyle much more conveniently.

It is suitable for most patients. It is one of the more technologically advanced treatments on the market, and it may straighten even the most complex situations. Before you commit to Invisalign, however, the dentist will conduct a thorough evaluation of your teeth to ensure that you are appropriate for Invisalign and that it can deliver the outcomes for you.

The aligners provide mild pressure to the teeth to encourage movement, which might create some minor discomfort.

We recommend that you wear the retainers we give you for the rest of your life to ensure that your teeth do not slip back into their original position. They are pleasant and guarantee that your teeth stay in their new and improved alignment. If you ever require a replacement retainer, your dentist can help.

With Invisalign aligners, you are able to remove them to eat and drink. One of the benefits is that you can remove them at mealtimes. This means you are not restricted in what you can eat or drink, unlike traditional metal braces. When you replace your aligners after you have finished eating and drinking, you should brush your teeth so as not to cause any damage or discolouration.